Devin: The Dawn of AI-Driven Software Engineering

Imagine a teammate who doesn’t tire, a partner in code who’s there to shoulder the load or take the reins entirely. That’s Devin for you—a marvel in AI technology crafted to work alongside you or fly solo, ensuring that your projects not only start strong but cross the finish line with finesse.

Cognition Labs has just unveilied what has been the promise since we first heard of Generative AI – the first synthetic worker.

Equipped with advanced long-term reasoning and planning abilities, Devin can undertake intricate engineering tasks with remarkable efficiency. Its cognitive ability allows it to make thousands of decisions, recall pertinent information, and learn from its experiences. With a comprehensive suite of developer tools integrated into its framework, including a shell, code editor, and browser, Devin operates within a sandboxed compute environment, mirroring the capabilities of a human engineer. Moreover, Devin actively collaborates with users, reports on its progress in real time, accepts feedback, and works together with you through design choices as needed.

Here’s what Devin can do:

Devin can learn how to use unfamiliar technologies.
After reading a blog post, Devin runs ControlNet on Modal to produce images with concealed messages for Sara.

Devin can build and deploy apps end to end.
Devin makes an interactive website which simulates the Game of Life! It incrementally adds features requested by the user and then deploys the app to Netlify.

Devin can autonomously find and fix bugs in codebases.
Devin helps Andrew maintain and debug his open source competitive programming book.

Devin can train and fine tune its own AI models.
Devin sets up fine tuning for a large language model given only a link to a research repository on GitHub.

Devin can address bugs and feature requests in open source repositories. Given just a link to a GitHub issue, Devin does all the setup and context gathering that is needed.

Devin can contribute to mature production repositories. 
This example is part of the SWE-bench benchmark. Devin solves a bug with logarithm calculations in the sympy Python algebra system. Devin sets up the code environment, reproduces the bug, and codes and tests the fix on its own.

Devin a‍lso took a job from Upwork and finished it
Devin writes and debugs code to run a computer vision model. Devin samples the resulting data and compiles a report at the end.

Devin was tested also on SWE-bench, a challenging benchmark that asks agents to resolve real-world GitHub issues found in open source projects like Django and scikit-learn.

Devin correctly resolves 13.86%* of the issues end-to-end, far exceeding the previous state-of-the-art of 1.96%. Even when given the exact files to edit, the best previous models can only resolve 4.80% of issues.

*Devin was evaluated on a random 25% subset of the dataset. Devin was unassisted, whereas all other models were assisted (meaning the model was told exactly which files need to be edited).

Backed by a $21 million Series A led by Founders Fund and supported by industry luminaries, including Patrick and John Collison, Elad Gil, and Sarah Guo, among others, Cognition is poised to lead the charge in applied AI research. With a team boasting a wealth of experience and expertise from top-tier companies such as Google DeepMind and Waymo.

Devin is currently in early access as Cognition Labs ramp up capacity. To start using Devin for engineering work, please reach out here or get in touch at

Q1: How does Devin differ from existing AI tools in software engineering?

A: Devin distinguishes itself through its autonomous decision-making capabilities and its ability to actively collaborate with users. Unlike traditional AI tools, Devin can plan, execute, and adapt to complex engineering tasks independently, significantly enhancing productivity and efficiency in software development workflows.

Q2: What sets Cognition apart in the field of applied AI research?

A: Cognition’s relentless pursuit of advancing reasoning capabilities sets it apart in the realm of applied AI research. By focusing on foundational principles of cognition, rather than superficial applications, Cognition aims to redefine the boundaries of AI innovation, opening doors to new realms of possibility beyond software engineering.

Q3: How can individuals or organizations leverage Devin for their engineering needs?

A: To harness Devin’s transformative capabilities for engineering tasks, individuals and organizations can explore early access opportunities by reaching out to Cognition Labs. Whether it’s accelerating development cycles, addressing technical challenges, or unlocking new avenues of exploration, Devin stands ready to revolutionize the way we approach software engineering.


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